Woman Who Looks Like Casey Anthony, Sammy Blackwell, Attacked By Driver In Oklahoma

WATCH: Casey Anthony Look-alike Attacked By Driver

A woman outraged over the Casey Anthony verdict was arrested in Oklahoma for allegedly attacking a convenience store clerk who resembles the Florida mom acquitted of murdering her daughter.

After leaving work in Chouteau on Friday, Sammay Blackwell said a customer who had told her that "you look like Casey Anthony" followed her for several miles and then crashed her car into Blackwell's, causing her to flip several times, local TV station News Channel 6 reported.

Blackwell said that suspect Shireen Nalley stared at her and gave her the creeps when she came into the store at 10 p.m. to buy gas. Blackwell's shift ended half an hour later and claimed that she saw Nalley sitting in a minivan watching her, WTSP reported.

For several miles, Nalley allegedly followed her and eventually rammed Blackwell's car twice. The second collision flipped Blackwell's truck two and a half times.

Police chased Nalley down and charged her with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of an accident, resisting arrest and reckless driving, Channel 6 said.

The controversial acquittal of the real Casey Anthony in the murder of her daughter Caylee has had unexpected consequences for people around the country. A Pennsylvania man named Casey Anthony said he's been inundated with Facebook friend requests and phone calls since the Florida mom was found not guilty on July 5.

In an ironic twist, Blackwell has a daughter named Caylee too, Channel 9 said.

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