Mom Says Her Daughter Is Lying About Cancer

Mom Says Her Daughter Is Lying About Cancer

"The moment I heard the word 'cancer,' my world just stopped," says Lynn, 30, who claims she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, which causes her excruciating pain. "I feel like the cancer could be spreading, and now I'm dealing with a malignant tumor on my uterus," she adds. "I feel like I'm dying every day."

But Lynn's mother, Mary, doesn't believe it.

"My daughter is a manipulator and a pathological liar," says Mary, who got access to Lynn's medical records and says she found no diagnosis of cancer. "Why would she do this?" asks Mary, who believes her daughter is seeking money and attention.

In the video above, the two women share their points of view, then come face to face for the first time in more than a year on Dr. Phil on Tuesday. What inconsistencies will Dr. Phil uncover? Watch more here.

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