Woman Brilliantly Shuts Down Man Who Accuses Her Of Lying On OkCupid

Woman Brilliantly Shuts Down Man Who Accuses Her Of Lying On OkCupid

Any online dater has been there: You write something seemingly innocent on your profile, and suddenly there's a jerk attacking you for no apparent reason.

That's exactly what happened to London-based writer Natalie Guest when she posted her typing speed -- 120 words per minute, in case you're wondering -- on her OkCupid profile. A would-be suitor, claiming to be a stenographer, messaged her to say that he doubted she could actually type as fast as she said.

Citing his own speed at 85 wpm, the man wrote, in part: "Back when I was doing temp work, every agency was amazed at my legitimately-tested 85 words per minute. One woman said that it was the highest speed she’d ever seen."

"What a weird thing to lie about on a dating profile," he added.

Guest's response was priceless. At the man's behest, she took a typing test on a TyperA.net and pwned him with her score. Needless to say, he was pretty surprised.

"I was being purposefully absurd -- I'm obviously not some weird WPM-obsessed digi-bigot," Guest told The Huffington Post. "I feel a bit bad for destroying his world-view really. He's probably sitting around somewhere now weeping onto his completely average fingers."

Here are screenshots of Guest's interaction with the OkCupid user, via her Tumblr:


It'll probably be a while before this guy tries calling out women on OkCupid again.

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