Woman Removes Mask, Spits In Shopper's Face For Flouting Distancing Rules

Martine Shanchuk told police she “felt it necessary” to enforce aisle rules of the Big Y store in Newtown, Connecticut, herself.

Police in Connecticut say a woman removed her face mask and spit in another shopper’s face after he flouted social distancing measures aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

Martine Shanchuk told officers she “felt it necessary” during her visit to a Big Y store in Newtown on May 18 to “enforce” its aisle rules herself after a young man started walking the wrong way down a one-way zone, according to a Newtown Police Department report obtained by HuffPost.

When the unidentified man refused to turn around, Shanchuk allegedly “stopped in the aisle to prevent him from continuing down the aisle in the wrong direction,” said police.

Shanchuk “continued to yell at the other individual in the store and that because he was not listening to her she removed her face mask and spit in the males face,” police determined.

Police arrested and charged Shanchuk with one misdemeanor count of second-degree breach of peace, which could carry a six-month jail sentence. She will appear in court on July 7.

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