Woman Meets Tinder Pervs To See What They’re Like In Real Life

"Mostly, they're just sweet dudes that are lonely."

Looking for love online can be an excruciating experience for some people, and one of the major drawbacks of online dating as a woman is sorting through the pile of pervy messages received from potential suitors (aka men).

In a hilarious new video, one woman meets up with some of the men who sent her overtly sexual messages on Tinder to see if the perv behind the screen matches the man in person.

(The below video and GIFs may be considered NSFW).

Jessie, a 31-year-old single woman in Los Angeles, shared some of the messages that she's received throughout her time on Tinder before surprising the men in question with a filmed interview.

Jessie said in the video that her theory about the men who sent her the over-the-top messages is that they would actually turn out to be normal dudes in real life who were looking for love -- just with some very misguided techniques.

One man was at least honest about the difference between online versus in-person interactions. "Online it's all words," he said. "In person it's a little different... online you focus more on what you want, not what the other person wants."

However, some of the men were just as annoying in person as they were online -- one of them even said the three words that practically guarantee steam to come out of a woman's ears. "It's a compliment," he said about a message he sent her that said he'd like to smack her ass. Another charmer even had the nerve to say, "that's what [women] are looking for -- pervs."

Ultimately, according to Jessie, "These guys talk a big pervy game... but they're mostly just sweet dudes that are lonely and looking for love, too."

With that in mind, here's a friendly tip for the men of Tinder: Make the pursuit of love easier on yourself and the women you're messaging, and speak to them online the way you'd speak to them in person.

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