This Woman Met Her Soulmate On The Huffington Post

Jodi Meltzer had no idea an email from a reader would be the start of her own fairy tale.

When Jodi Meltzer wrote a blog for HuffPost Divorce about dating as a single mother, she never expected to be contacted by her dream man.

Sure enough, after her blog post was published, Meltzer received a heartfelt e-mail from a fellow single parent, which led to more messaging and phone conversations. The two finally met in person, and today, the writer and her blog-admirer Mike have been a couple for six months.

Meltzer recently wrote a follow-up blog for HuffPost about the beginnings of her relationship, proclaiming to HuffPost Live on Friday that she's "never had this type of connection" before.

"I just want to tell people to hold out for it, because it exists and I didn't really realize that until now," she said. Before Mike, she never knew she "could connect on a soul level with another human being."

Mike echoed his partner's sentiments.

"This is my first love that I have had in 42 years," he told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. "You have to hold out. That person is out there for you. Unfortunately too many people do settle at times and they end up regretting it. I never regretted one day [of] waiting and waiting and waiting, and this was a chance meeting and I'm ecstatic. You have to hold out."

Watch Jodi and Mike share their story in the video above.

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