Angelina Barnes, Oklahoma Woman, Mutilated Cat For Outfit To Wear At Lady Gaga Concert (VIDEO)

Angelina Barnes, a 20-year-old woman in Oklahoma, has been charged with animal cruelty after the gruesome death and mutilation of a relative's cat, apparently using the blood for an outfit she planned to wear to a Lady Gaga concert, KFOR reports.

A relative arrived home to a completely dark house, with duct tape covering light switches. Barnes was found in a long coat with streaks of what ended up being cat blood on her face, an outfit that she intended to wear to the Lady Gaga concert.

From KFOR:

Investigators found purple hair dye and blood all over the bathroom along with the cat that had been drowned; sliced down the belly, eyes mutilated, the cat's liver was found in a makeup case on counter.

Barnes' was taken to the hospital following the incident, where she threatened a nurse with a piece of glass. KFOR reports that Barnes had previously been diagnosed with depression, but that the violence was "completely out of character."

WATCH KFOR's video report (via Gawker):