Woman Pees, Bathes In Subway Car In Bizarre NYC Incident (VIDEO)

Raw video that has surfaced on the Internet documents a shocking and bizarre incident that appears to have taken place on a New York City subway car.

In the footage, a young woman appears to lose control of her bladder, then proceeds to give herself a sponge bath with items taken from her bag.

Distressed and claiming that she has to meet friends, the woman removes a gallon of water, soap and a pink sponge or hand towel from a duffle bag and proceeds to wash herself. Although the contents of the woman's bags are suspiciously coincidental, some passengers on the train express genuine concern for her and attempt to hand her tissues with which to dry herself.

"It's not funny!" the woman protests as she washes herself. "I can't stay like this stink."

"I know, right! People are so ignorant," her friend chimes in.

But some passengers can't help but snicker or make disgusted comments.

"I think you should put your robe on and just get off the train," a woman remarks.

The video appears to have been originally posted to hip-hop shock site WorldStarHipHop by user "msmuffin" on Sept 20. Commenters on the site were generally perturbed, with some doubting its authenticity since the woman washes her upper body instead of her legs.

The footage was reposted to YouTube by user "Youssef Mokhtari" on Sept. 21, then posted to Reddit.

While some bloggers reacted to the footage with disgust, this is not the first video of a woman urinating in the New York City subway system to go viral.

In January, a drunk woman with purple hair was filmed peeing on the A/F train platform at the Jay Street/Metrotech station in Brooklyn.