Woman 'Teleported' Across Fish Festival In Portable Toilet

She didn't realize a forklift moved the toilet with her inside.
Credit: HMetal via Getty Images

A woman in Cornwall, England, got an unexpected ride from a forklift while inside a portable toilet on Monday.

The unidentified woman stepped into a port-a-potty on one side of the site of the Newlyn Fish Festival, which was held later that day in the seaside town. When she exited the toilet, she was shocked to find herself on the other side of the harbor.

A forklift operator had picked up the toilet with the woman inside and moved it to the far side of the festival grounds, Newlyn harbor master Rob Parsons told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"I think she was suffering from a bit of shock or she thought she had teleported across to the other side of the harbor," Parsons said.

She wasn't injured in the incident, although it's hard to imagine how the woman didn't notice that the loo was on the move. As Mashable observed, it could have been worse -- she could have tipped over.

A spokesman for the company that provided the toilets said these kinds of incidents happen "quite a bit."

Twitter user Cornish Buddha, who tweets about news in Cornwall, jokingly dubbed the teleporting toilet a "Cornish Tardis" after the time machine from "Doctor Who."

It looks like the rest of the annual fish festival, which has celebrated the area's fishing industry and heritage since 1990, went off without a hitch.

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