Mormon Woman On Pretending To Be A Man In 7 Online Relationships With Co-Eds

How did seven women get into a romantic relationship with a mystery man who they thought was the man of their dreams ... but wasn't a man at all? In an exclusive interview with the seven co-eds and Kayla, the catfish who assumed a false identity and then pursued intimate online relationships with the women, Dr. Phil digs deeper to understand Kayla's motives.

"I didn't have any evil intentions in this," says Kayla. "I created an online persona so I could figure out who I was, and figure out if I was gay or not and figure out if I wanted to be part of the religion or not." Kayla, who now says she is gay, adds, "Your religion says, 'We love you, but we don't love who you are.' Do I want to be part of the church, or do I want to be gay? And unfortunately, I saw myself in a position where I couldn't have both ... You don't understand how difficult that is."

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