Woman Pulls Over Cop, Accuses Him Of Speeding -- And Gets An Apology

Miami motorist turns the tables on a police officer.

A Florida woman didn't like how a police officer was driving so she tailed him, pulled him over and urged him to slow down.

Claudia Castillo posted clips on YouTube that showed her trying to catch up to a Miami-Dade police officer on a local highway on Friday as well as a clip that revealed what happened when she finally managed to get the cop to stop.

When the officer approached her car, he thought the woman was having some kind of problem.

Turns out she did have a problem -- with him.

"The reason I'm pulling you over today," Castillo began, sounding a bit like a police officer herself, was because she estimated the police cruiser was traveling at 90 mph.

Castillo told the officer she hit 80 mph just trying to catch up with him.

"And I was still eating your dust," she said. "You were leaving me behind and I was going 80 miles per hour and I just wanted to know what's the emergency?"

The officer said he didn't think he was speeding and was on his way to work.

"I apologize and I'll be sure to slow down then," the officer said, offering his name and badge number.

Miami-Dade police director Juan Perez told the Miami Herald that the incident would be investigated and "appropriate action" will be taken. Police told WSVN, the Fox station in Miami, that Castillo would not be reprimanded for speeding or pulling over the officer.

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