Woman Really Needs To Know When This Baseball Game Will End

Baseball games could theoretically last forever.

Baseball games are very long. This is something most fans know when they attend one -- by going to the game, you're forcibly subjecting yourself to nearly three hours of sporadic action, but mostly abject nothingness. It's paced slowly, excitement happens in bites and the players do a lot of standing around. 

One fan attending Wednesday night's Toronto Blue Jays-New York Yankees standoff in Toronto didn't seem to know what she got herself into. In the second inning of the game, a Bleacher Report columnist at the game spotted a woman in front of him searching "Dumb question - How long does a baseball game last?????" on Trip Advisor. 

Most answers from that 2009 Trip Advisor question peg MLB games at between two to three hours. 

Unfortunately for our bored fan, the actual answer, according to an MLB spokesperson in 2015, is closer to three hours -- 2 hours and 52 minutes to be exact -- and even that's a full 10 minutes shorter than it was in 2014!

Still, that's like, as long as a freaking "Lord of the Rings" movie, and those are always worth the length for the battle scenes. Baseball games have no orcs and elves -- just large men moving monotonously a lot. So of course she wanted the game to end already. 

Let's make one thing clear though: Just because the fan's a woman doesn't mean she was more predisposed to plot her subway ride back home. Because that's not true! MLB says 47 percent of its fan base are women

Here's hoping she at least enjoyed the Rogers Centre's wide array of food options. Or at least, held out until the game's five-run eighth inning. But probably not. The seventh inning stretch exists for a reason: To stand up and realize it's time to go.  


CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misidentified the location of the ballgame. It happened in Toronto, not New York. 



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