Carol Suter, Pennsylvania Woman, Returns $30,000 Found In Pile Of Donated Clothes

Belief in karma and the importance of honesty led a Pennsylvania woman to return the $30,000 she discovered in a pile of clothes.

Carol Sutor of Bristol, Penn., found the money last week stashed in a bundle of clothes that belonged to a woman who had passed away, the Associated Press notes. The garments had been given to her by a cousin who had wanted to pass the items along to Sutor's mother.

“At first I thought is this play money? Then I started looking. I said to myself, no,these are real hundred dollar bills. A lot of them,” she told

carol sutor
Carol Sutor of Bristol holds one of the bank envelopes that contained $30,000 in cash which accidentily fell into her possession last week. Photo courtesy of

Sutor could've very easily kept the cash. After all, the owner of the money had passed away and no one else knew of its existence. But, Sutor says that keeping the stash was simply out of the question.

“I had to give it back,” she told “I believe in karma, whatever I do will come back to me, good or bad.”

Earlier this year, a New York woman also made headlines for her honesty. According to the Adirondack Journal, Patty Wesner of Cossayuna, N.Y., returned $11,000 in February after finding it in a bag on a rural roadway. A state trooper who responded to the 911 call reportedly called the woman's act of honesty "unbelievable."

In 2008, a Tennessee grandmother named Billie Watts stunned the nation when she returned the $97,000 she found in a restroom of a Murfreesboro Cracker Barrel.

"[The money] wasn't mine. I had no right to it. My mom and dad told me never to take anything that didn't belong to me," Watts, then 75, told the Daily News Journal at the time.



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