Woman Runs Over Sex Offender Boyfriend After He Attempts To Molest Child: Cops

A Maine sex offender accused of trying to sexually assault a little girl was hospitalized after his girlfriend allegedly ran him down with her car.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's office said Linda Currier and James Oliver had been drinking late Saturday night when Currier, 53, discovered boyfriend Oliver, 48, attempting to have sex with a 12-year-old girl in a home, WCSH reports.

"We can't tell too many details about the case, there were other adults at the residence or in the residence so she wasn't completely alone in this particular situation," Sheriff Todd Bracket told the station.

Oliver is a registered lifetime sex offender, records show. He was previously convicted of sexual abuse of a minor and rape.

Officers were called to the house after someone reported a domestic disturbance. They arrived to find Oliver lying in the driveway. Currier had allegedly gotten in her car and run over the convicted rapist.


Currier was charged with drunk driving and aggravated assault. She was later released.

Oliver was treated at a hospital for a serious leg injury before being taken to jail, where he was charged with gross sexual assault, unlawful sexual touching and failing to comply with the sex offender registration act.



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