Woman Says She Was Fired For Getting Beat Up By Her Boyfriend. She's Not Alone

On January 1st of 2013, Natasha Velez’s then-boyfriend assaulted her, choking her and fracturing her index finger on her left hand. She went to the emergency room and ended up with her finger in a splint.

Such an ordeal is challenging and traumatizing enough. But it didn’t end there. According to Velez, she showed up early to her next scheduled shift as a crew member at a New York City Chipotle to tell her manager what had happened, showing him documentation of the police report and emergency room visit. She says she followed up later with a doctor’s note saying she couldn’t work until the 28th. Yet when she returned to work, complete with a protection order against her boyfriend prohibiting him from entering the workplace, she alleges her manager told her she “had too many issues outside of work” and fired her.

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