Story Of Woman Who Says She's A Cat Doesn't Really Check Out

We'll be impressed when a cat tells us he's actually a human, though.

A video of a human woman in Norway who claims that she is really a cat has taken the Internet by storm this week, but there’s little information available about her.

Is the woman identified in the video as a 20-year-old named Nano serious?  Is the whole thing a joke (it is, after all, categorized under YouTube’s “Comedy” section)? Is she an otherkin?

What we CAN say is that we don’t think Nano’s story checks out. Here’s some evidence.

1. She’s giving an interview

Not to promote stereotypes here — after all, cats can be trained — but when’s the last time you tried to get your cat to do ANYTHING, much less sit down for a lengthy interview? Cats have better things to do.

2. She and her friend — who allegedly adopts a "cat personality" sometimes — communicate through a series of meows.

Adult cats don’t usually meow at each other — they primarily use “meows” to communicate with humans. Also, what she said/meowed actually means “delicious tuna,” not “come on, let’s go” as she believes. Embarrassing.

3. The whole “cat vision” thing

She claims to have the superior night vision of a cat, but this doesn’t really fit with her “cat born into a human body” story. Your eyes are part of your body, so Nano should still have human vision. Hmmmm.

4. She says she hasn’t caught any mice

A cat would never admit this.

5. She’s wearing a bell.

What self-respecting cat is going to wear a bell by choice? Also, that might help explain why she hasn’t caught any mice.

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