This Woman's First Visit To The Ocean Reminds Us Of The Beauty All Around Us

Many of us take nature's beauty for granted. We tan at the beach with the sole intention of getting "crispy," often forgetting the absolute elegance and grandeur of the big blue. Well, this woman's reaction to the ocean will give you a renewed appreciation for its wonder.

In the video above, Sarah Walugembe, a director for the Blessing Basket Project -- an organization that fights against poverty in developing countries -- sees the ocean for the first time in her life.

Another member of the Blessing Basket Project told Walugembe to blindfold herself, and then took her to a beach in Manakara, Madagascar, at sunrise.

When Walugembe is told to take her blindfold off at the 0:29 mark, her reaction to the Indian Ocean is magical. Watch as she steps back, overcome by the beauty before her.

The next time we visit the beach, we're definitely going to take time and admire Earth's natural treasures like it's the first time we're laying eyes on them.



The Glowing Magnificence Of Nature