Woman Billed $1,000 For Forced Cavity Search That Revealed Nothing (VIDEO)

Woman Charged $1,000 For Forced Cavity Search That Revealed Nothing

A court-ordered body cavity search could cost one New Mexico woman more than $1,000.

According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, the woman, who is not being named, was ordered to undergo a forced body cavity search after a 'reliable source' told law enforcement she was concealing heroin.

The woman had no criminal record in New Mexico. Regardless, agents got a search warrant, and on July 1, forced her to have a body cavity search at Memorial Medical Center.

The search turned up nothing, and the woman was not arrested or charged with any crime.

However, she did receive a bill from the hospital -- for a whopping $1122.

She is refusing to pay the bill, and has filed a claim against the county, asking them to pay up.

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