Florida Woman, Angry At Her Ex, Allegedly Set Wrong Car On Fire

"I’ve never seen her in my life,” the car's owner said.

A Florida woman is facing arson charges after police say she was filmed torching a parked car that she mistook for her ex-boyfriend’s.

The vengeful firebug, whom police identified as 19-year-old Carmen Chamblee, was seen stoking the flames as she circled the burning sedan in Clearwater late last month, according to video released by police.

The car’s actual owner, Thomas Jennings, expressed shock and utter confusion after seeing the footage.

“I have no idea who she is. I’ve never seen her in my life,” he told ABC News.

Police on Saturday thanked the public for helping identify Chamblee after they shared the video on their Facebook page.

Chamblee later told police that she thought the vehicle belonged to her ex, The Tampa Bay Times reported.

She was charged with second-degree arson and booked into the Pinellas County Jail.