Woman Shoots Home Intruder Who Attacked Her (AUDIO)

A woman who feared for her life shot a home intruder who broke into her house and attacked her, stopping him in his tracks.

The entire incident can be heard in the newly released 911 call the unidentified widow placed when she heard someone trying to get into her Phoenix home on May 6.

The audio, a portion of which can be heard in the video above, was obtained by KPEX.

"I have a gun in my hands. I’m terrified," the widow said to the operator who repeatedly assures her officers are coming "as fast as they can."

The burglar, later identified as Michael Lewis, breaks into the home and comes into the bathroom where the woman is hiding.

After he attacked her, the woman shoots.

"Ow! (Expletive.) What was that? What was that? What was that? (Expletive) did you do?" Lewis can be heard saying.

"Did you think you could beat me half to death?" the woman responds.

Lewis repeatedly apologizes to the woman.

"You bet you're sorry you nasty thing," the woman responds. "You tried to get in doors. I heard you out there."

ABC News reports that Lewis, 20, pleaded guilty to burglary and assault charges. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 15.

The woman said her late husband taught her how to shoot a gun and that may have saved her life, according to ABC.



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