Woman Shoots Stalker Who Broke Into Her Home: Cops

A Las Vegas woman shot a man last week who she says was stalking her.

The man, 22-year-old Douglas Eugene Jackson, allegedly kicked down the woman’s door at about 1 a.m. on September 26, KVVU reports. The woman — whose name has not been released — fired at the man twice, hitting him once in the chest. Jackson initially fled, but was found hiding in the bushes by police.

Police called Jackson the woman's ex-boyfriend, but she told Fox 5 the relationship didn't "qualify as romantic."

He’s charged with home invasion and aggravated stalking.

According to Fox 2, the woman wrote in a reddit post days earlier that the man had been stalking her for six months, after the two had dated for one month. The post says he incessantly called her, texted her and harassed her online, at one point threatening to taser and rape her “using [her] boyfriend’s blood as lube.” She even moved to a new residence, but he allegedly managed to find out where it was and showed up on her doorstep multiple times, but always fled before police arrived, according to the post.

After the September 26 shooting, an Imgur user with the same screename as the Reddit account posted an entry titled “I shot my stalker tonight.”

"As of now I'm in a haze of guilt, surprise, relief and disbelief,” states the post, which includes a photo of a bullet-riddled door. “I survived, where so many people do not.“