Woman Out-Muscles Man On Stadium 'Flex Cam' (VIDEO)

Woman Out-Muscles Man On Stadium 'Flex Cam'

Somebody call the police -- this lady brought the big guns to the stadium.

Video of a jacked Philadelphia woman is going viral after she publicly shamed a man showing his pythons to the "Flex Cam" at an Arena Football League game.

The unidentified woman wasn't having it when cameras focused on the dude in front of her at the Philadelphia Soul game on April 12. So she doffed her jacket and brought out her own weapons of mass destruction.

In the video, shown on the big screen at the game, she leans in real close to show how swoll her arms are. Then she literally steals the spotlight (check her out above at the 45 second mark).

The poor, embarrassed soul in front of her puts his head in his hands, yielding to greatness.

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