Woman Slams Supermarket Employee's Period Joke On Facebook

Shopping for feminine products shouldn't include commentary.

Women shouldn't feel embarrassed about buying feminine products. They especially shouldn't have to deal with period jokes. But according to one woman's Facebook post, that's exactly what she had to do.

Facebook user Lauren Jovanović shared her shopping experience at a Coles supermarket in Australia on the social media platform and asked if the company's male employees received "training on appropriate conversation and facial expressions to display while scanning female sanitary items." 

Based on what she claims happened, she had a legitimate reason to ask:

I ask this because during my last shop, a young man that didn't even reach my boobs in regards to height, was somehow under the impression that "have you tried viva paper towels, I've heard they're pretty absorbent?' was an acceptable question to ask me while he bagged my Libra pads. The smile on his face was also quite large, even bigger than the pack of pads he had just put through for me.

Read her full post here:

Hi Coles. Just wondering whether your male checkout staff receive training on appropriate conversation and facial...

Posted by Lauren Jovanović on Monday, August 3, 2015

Later, she added that she's usually down for a good joke, but "when a woman is menstruating, she becomes a scary, enraged and frustrated being, and certainly does not want to hear about alternative ways to contain or absorb the blood that is mercilessly flowing out of her nether regions."

She signed the post, which had more than 145,000 likes at press time, as "a female customer who is quite capable of handling her own time of the month."

Nailed it.

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