Woman Stabbed For Bringing Boyfriend Wrong Lunch: Cops

Woman Stabbed For Bringing Home Wrong Lunch: Cops

A woman was attacked by her boyfriend because she brought home the wrong lunch, police say.

The Associated Press reports that Michael Corsey allegedly stabbed his girlfriend with a kitchen knife after she brought home pizza, instead of the chicken sandwich he asked for.

Cops said the woman, who was also choked and hit in the face by Corsey, was treated for minor injuries.

Sadly, alleged attacks over petty arguments are far from uncommon.

Just last week, a pregnant woman blamed her hormones for allegedly attacking her roommate. The assault was sparked by a disagreement over butter.

And in what is surely one of the most absurd alleged assaults in recent months, a woman was accused in September of stabbing her ex-boyfriend because he refused to stop listening to the Eagles.

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