Woman Accused Of Commandeering Bus After Driver Tells Her To Stop Smoking

She didn't get very far.

A New York City woman was accused of stealing a city bus on Tuesday after the driver told her to stop smoking.

Charity Headley is a former city bus driver herself, CBS New York reports. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said she lit a cigarette while riding a bus at around 7:10 a.m. When the driver asked her to put it out, she apparently became so angry that the driver thought it best to transfer the rest of the passengers to a second bus, according to NBC New York.

As the driver helped passengers off the bus, Headley jumped behind the steering wheel and sped off, according to Gothamist.

About three blocks away, a second bus blocked her getaway and that driver reached through her window to disable Headley's bus. 

Police charged Headley with unauthorized use of a vehicle.