Woman Strips Naked At Denver Airport

UPDATE, 4/11: TMZ has published a photo of the still unidentified woman, who asked gate agents to reprint her boarding pass while in the buff, the website states. Check out the photo here. Of the incident, a traveler who was at the scene told Fox 31 Denver, "Most were shocked...No one really noticed her at first because people were trying to get to their planes. Then everyone realized she was just standing there completely naked.”

Check out Fox 31 video below.

PREVIOUSLY, 4/10: A woman stripped down naked at Denver's International Airport on Tuesday morning.

The unidentified woman was apparently smoking in a non-smoking terminal, the Denver Channel reports, when she was asked to put out the cigarette. The woman then apparently stripped naked.

KDVR reports that it's unclear why she stripped and if it was related to the smoking incident.

Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said that it appeared to be "some sort of breakdown," but it had nothing to do with the ban, according to the Denver Channel.

The woman was not arrested, but instead taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Passengers stripping at airports has happened in the past, though mostly in protest of the TSA. Tammy Banovac, a 52-year old, wheelchair-user from Oklahoma, stripped down to black lingerie to get through security at Will Rogers World Airport in 2010. And in November 2010, a college student stripped down to a Speedo to protest TSA pat downs.

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