Woman Told To Kill Herself After Posting Photo Of Menstrual Blood On Instagram

"Women are at risk of violence for speaking their minds, for posting pictures, for talking about their vaginas."

Apparently, many people are still very uncomfortable seeing and talking about menstrual blood.

Temple University student Louelle Denor quickly found this out when she posted an image of her menstrual cup covered in her period blood two weeks ago on her personal Instagram account. The photo received a good amount of attention with over 80 likes and 80 comments.

Warning: The below photo may be considered graphic to some readers.

"It's come to my attention that women are having their accounts banned for showing menstrual blood (and no nudity)," Denor wrote in the photo caption. "This is very seriously f**ked up. If this was a picture of blood from a finger laceration, there'd be no issue."

Instagram has a history of censoring women's bodies including nipples, body hair and, of course, menstrual blood. While Instagram has not (yet) taken down the image, Denor received an even worse reaction.

On Aug. 30, Denor posted screen shots on Instagram of the comments she's received on the image. The screen shots show comments such as "Kill ya pls," "Kill yourself now plz" and "Feminazis should be put in a shower dispersing male semen onto their faces."

"This is what happens when you post a picture of #blood and say that it's from your #vagina," Denor wrote under the screen shots.

Denor told The Huffington Post that her feelings about the reactions she received were quite complicated. "On one hand, that I received such a strong negative reaction made it clear to me that I should have done exactly what I did," she told HuffPost. "On the other hand, it makes me profoundly sad that there are a lot of young (though not exclusively) men and women who are under the impression that it's OK to be so vehemently hateful."

In an article she wrote on Medium, Denor summarized why it was so important that she posted the picture of her period blood:

Look, you don’t have to like my picture, you don’t have to agree with values. But am I wrong in hoping that I can post a picture of some bloody fingers and a weird disk without the threat of being sprayed with sperm and set on fire?... Women in this country are routinely raped to be “taught lessons.” Women are at risk of violence for speaking their minds, for posting pictures, for talking about their vaginas, for wearing short skirts, for wearing clingy clothes, for being bitchy, for looking bitchy, for sounding bitchy, for being slutty, for being hard-to-get, and the f**king list goes on and on and on. This is a HUGE problem. It really is. As someone who’s suffered sexual violence more than once, let me tell you, it is pervasive and it needs to be taken very seriously.

We take you very seriously, Louelle. Keep up the great work.

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