Woman Unknowingly Drives Pounds of Pot Around in Van for Several Years

They weren't rolling doobies down by the river, but Melodie Peil and her family were using their gently used 1990 Chevy van to roll around town when they discovered a stowaway that had been bumming a ride with them for about the last 15 years, 13 and a half pounds of marijuana packaged for transport.

It's not that anyone riding around in the Peil family truckster would've noticed the smell of pot due to the fact that it appears it hasn't seen the business end of a scrub brush since it was originally purchased from the used car dealership. (See attached video news clip.)

But Melodie was having trouble locking the side passenger door, so she asked a family friend to take a look at the trouble for her. When the friend popped off the door's interior panel to check the lock mechanism, he quickly noticed the door's frame was jam-packed with packaged bricks of the sticky stuff.

"Low and behold, we discovered something that didn't belong there," Peil affirmed. "It was pretty shocking."

Law enforcement officials claim that the stash was most likely placed there by the van's previous owner and forgotten about.

What makes this story even more "shocking" is the fact that Peil drove the pot-stocked van through at least 10 border patrol checkpoints in New Mexico without officials detecting the unbeknownst cargo.

Five-0 says the van's secret stash probably wasn't detectable by drug-sniffing dogs and border agents due to the fact that it was aged.

Have you purchased a used vehicle lately?

If so, you'd better give it a proper nasal appraisal. You might be driving around with a bud-load of the good-good!

Toke on and travel safe, tokers!

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