Woman Uses 4-Year-Old Son To Steal Store Employee's IPhone

This mom definitely knows how to control her kid in public.

An investigation is underway after security footage from a store in Chongqing city, China, revealed a mother and son duo executing a clever ploy to steal a female employee's iPhone 4s.

M.I.C. gadget reports that the woman allegedly walked into the store and distracted employees by requesting to try on all of the new clothes that were available. After created the diversion, the 4-year-old boy reportedly ran to the counter, snagged the phone from its charger, and slipped it into his mother's pants while she held an item of clothing up to conceal the delivery.

The two made their exit when the young woman told the cashier she had to go withdraw cash from an ATM so she could make her purchases. She never returned.

Employees have reported not noticing anything suspicious at the time.

With the iPhone's huge popularity, it's no surprise it's a target for theft.

Earlier this year, a woman had her phone stolen aboard a Disney cruise only to discover the thief was uploading pictures which were being backed up to the phone's wireless iCloud photo stream.

There's also an app you can download that will track your phone while it's on using the phone's GPS.

This isn't the only mom who's had the idea to use her child to commit burglary. Last month, a Detroit woman enlisted her 11-year-old daughter to shoplift clothing from Old Navy, then ditched the girl after she got caught.