Woman Voted For Alvin Greene Because Name Sounded Like 'Al Green' (VIDEO)

Oh South Carolina.

There've been many theories as to how unknown Alvin Greene came out of nowhere to win the South Carolina Democratic primary. A scheme by Republicans, the alphabet - while they may seem far-fetched and ridiculous, they're nothing (NOTHING) compared to the reasoning of this woman.

According to a voter who's doing nothing to change the reputation of her home state, she voted for Greene because his name sounds like smooth-singing soul star Al Green. Yup.


We'll give you a moment to let that sink in....Al Green. Al "Everybody Owns My Greatest Hits But Nobody Can Name One Of My Albums" Green. And while we can't deny that the sight of his name (or even a name that looks like his) can evoke a positive reaction, shouldn't that deter one voting for him? If she's basing her vote solely on name recognition, shouldn't she choose the name that doesn't sound like a 70s crooner. Bah. South Carolina.

That said, The Reverend is probably just as qualified. (via Indecision)

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