Woman Gets 'Wham-Sauced' By Runner At Track Meet Finish Line

Getting "wham-sauced" really hurts.

A track meet volunteer was accidentally bulldozed by a runner at the finish line of a race in New York City on Sunday, prompting the broadcaster to say she was "wham-sauced" -- terminology that quickly stuck.

The incident, which happens at roughly 1:16 in the video above, occurred when Taylor McLaughlin of New Jersey's Union Catholic High School steamed to an apparent come-from-behind victory in the 400 meters at the New Balance Nationals indoor meet. As he crossed the line, an attendant was trying to retrieve the finish tape that fell to the ground. It was too late: McLaughlin plowed into her, sending her flying to the track.

The woman can later be seen being helped to her feet. The Huffington Post wasn't immediately able to reach the meet's volunteer coordinators for details.

"I saw her and just couldn't slow down in time,'' McLaughlin told "None of my races are boring.''

Indeed. It turns out McLaughlin was later disqualified for having stepped on his lane line earlier in the race.

Here's another angle of the collision. Ouch!

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