Woman With Cancer Has Perfect Response To Sexist ‘Awareness' Campaign

Woman With Cancer Has Perfect Response To Sexist ‘Awareness' Campaign

Aimee Fletcher was attending the funeral of a friend who died of breast cancer when she first heard about the #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge. The viral "campaign" was supposedly intended to spread breast cancer awareness by asking men and women to place soda bottles in between their breasts, and upload the images to social media.

Since the campaign launched on May 25 via a Facebook page, its founders, talent scout Danny Frost and model Gemma Jaxx, have admitted that they started the challenge “as a joke.”

Joke or not, sexualizing women to raise awareness for breast cancer is often problematic. The 32-year-old Fletcher, who was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 months ago, was (understandably) put off by the stunt. Breast cancer "is not glamorous," Fletcher told BuzzFeed News, "and why people decide to take photos of the part of the body that breast cancer destroys is beyond me.”

Fletcher said “she is ‘sick’ of ‘games’ that don’t show the reality of cancer.” So she decided to make a statement of her own in response to the boob-centric challenge.

Many have since Tweeted at Fletcher, praising her response and offering their support.

We agree and would like to officially nominate Aimee Fletcher for mic drop of 2015.

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