Woman Wore A Fitbit During Sex, Got Mansplained By Trolls

"Man, now I gotta defend my orgasm to a bunch of strange dudes. Wait, no I don't."

A curious Reddit user monitored her heart rate using a Fitbit while she had sex and posted the results online. Naturally, the Internet trolls rolled in soon after. 

Reddit user Noveltysin, who identified herself simply as Jess, told The Huffington Post that recording her heart rate during sex wasn’t "specifically planned," and that she did it "out of curiosity."

"I got the gadget a week ago, so I've been tracking everything to learn how my body reacts to different stimuli," she said.

(See the results of Jess' experiment below)

The chart shows Jess’ recorded heart rate over the course of 8 minutes and 59 seconds, from the time her partner put a condom on, to the moment she took "a breather" after both she and her partner orgasmed. She clarified on Reddit that 20 minutes of foreplay were not recorded.

After sharing it on the "Data Is Beautiful" subreddit, she received a lot of positive interest from Redditors. However, being a woman on the Internet talking about her sexuality, Jess also faced some pretty gross commentary. One Reddit user referred to Jess as a "slut" for sharing details of her sex life, while others insulted her partner’s performance.

"8 minutes? What is he like 15?" wrote one user.

Jess didn’t seem too upset with the trolls though. "Man, now I gotta defend my orgasm to a bunch of strange dudes. Wait, no I don't," she wrote.

When asked what she thought the response to her post said about women and sex, Jess said she thought it said more about men.

"I found the response eye-opening -- that so many guys don't have a clue about how women experience sex," she told HuffPost. "If it wasn't in the ideals set by porn or what's talked about in locker rooms, it's fake, invalid and wrong."

Jess also told HuffPost that the chart wasn't meant to be a brag, but a reflection of "just some normal Sunday afternoon stuff, that ladies everywhere are having, with partners who know them enough to get the job done without a ton of time and mess."

"I guess this was shocking and infuriating somehow," she added. "Normal sex is shocking."

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