Woman's Eyes Glued Shut After Eyelash Tinting Mishap

Carly Lewis, 26, of England recently visited a salon to have her eyelashes tinted, a procedure she's had done multiple times before that involves darkening the lashes typically with a vegetable-based dye. But this time, Lewis had an allergic reaction, resulting with her eyes being glued shut and her face badly swollen.

She told the Daily Mail UK:

"It was absolutely terrifying, I thought I was going blind. It was getting worse and worse--by Monday I couldn't see anything and I couldn't open my eyes at all. People said I looked like a monster. My eyes were really itchy and I looked like I had been crying."

Doctors gave Lewis a round of antibiotics and steroids and she is expected to recover in two weeks. However, Lewis's horror story is only one cautionary tale amidst the trend of ladies who can't leave their lashes alone. Brooke Shields has been pushing lash-lengthener Latisse in an advertisement accompanied by several voice-over warnings, like this product may result in "eyelid skin darkening" or "increased brown iris pigmentation," and it can hinder the diagnosis of glaucoma.

The absurdity of Latisse's side effects inspired Molly Sims and co. to create a spoof video for "Lashisse."

WATCH (Warning: Gory, Definitely Not Safe For Lunch):

But there might be some truth in their satirical advertisement. More and more women are going to great lengths to enhance their lashes without first considering the consequences. We've also heard of eyelash extensions, as depicted in this mesmerizing video:

Would you consider having any of these procedures done?

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