Woman’s Facebook Post Perfectly Captures The Joy Of Being Childfree


Over the past week, the "Motherhood Challenge" has been sweeping Facebook. The challenge urges mothers to share photos that make them "proud to be a mom" and tag other women they believe to be great parents. It has received criticism for being "smug," "insensitive" and diminishing of motherhood, and has prompted many response essays from female writers with and without children.

When English comedian Ellie Taylor was tagged in the challenge, however, she took a more comedic approach. Taylor, who has no kids, posted five hilarious photos that celebrate her childfree life. 

The photos show the comedian sleeping serenely and nuzzling with a bottle of wine.

"Non-Motherhood Challenge: I was nominated by myself to post five pictures that make me happy to be a non-mother," Taylor wrote in the caption, adding, "Such special memories."

The post has received almost 118,000 likes and prompted other women to share their own "Non-Motherhood Challenge" photos.

In response to criticism in the comments section of her post, Taylor wrote simply, "Babe -- it's just a joke x."

And a pretty funny one at that.

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