Woman's Perfect Day Consists Of Little Work, Lots Of Play, Says Study (Share Yours!)

Pretty woman playing in the rain
Pretty woman playing in the rain

Sex, love ... and a little work. The idea of a "perfect day" is somewhat vague, but research published in the Journal of Economic Psychology claims to have discovered the ideal waking hours of the average woman -- and they consist of a whole lot more play than anything else.

Dr. Christian Kroll of Jacobs University in Germany and Dr. Sebastian Pokutta of the Georgia Institute of Technology, sought to find out how people related to everyday experiences. The researchers interviewed 909 employed women of various ages (the average age of participants was 38) and ethnic backgrounds about how they spent their time on a typical day. The also asked each woman how positive or negative they felt about each activity they engaged in. From this data, Kroll and Pokutta created a "perfect" 16-hour day, taking into account pleasurability of each activity as well as utility. "Our research asks what a perfect day would look like if we take into account the crucial fact that even the most pleasurable activities are usually less enjoyable the longer they last and the more often we do them," wrote the researchers.

The study findings suggest that the average woman's ideal day involves:


minutes of sexual intimacy


minutes of socializing


minutes of relaxation


minutes of eating


minutes of prayer and/or meditation


minutes of exercise


minutes of phone time


minutes of shopping


minutes of watching TV


minutes of food preparation


minutes of computer time


minutes of housework


minutes of childcare


minutes of napping


minutes of work


minutes of commuting

So... women would choose sex over work? No real surprise there.

When it comes to spending time with the people in their lives, the researchers found that women preferred to spend the largest amount of time with their friends and the second biggest chunk of time with relatives (including their spouses and children).

What does your "perfect day" look like? Would it mirror the ideal 16 hours that these researchers put together, prioritizing sex and hanging out with friends over work and sleep? Tweet your answer @HuffPostWomen with the hashtag #idealday or Instagram a photo that says it all @HuffPostWomen using #idealday. We'll feature your answers here.

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