Woman's Torso Sent To BJ's Wholesale Headquarters Accidentally

Woman's Torso Sent To The Wrong Address

Part of a dead woman's body was mistakenly sent to the BJ's Wholesale headquarters in Westborough, Mass. on Friday -- all because of an itty bitty shipping error, WBZ NewsRadio reported.

The torso was headed for a research lab in Florida, but a misprinted label sent it to horrified employees at the home office of the members-only wholesale giant.

"They started opening the package and they saw the description of what they were opening, that it was a torso of a female," Westborough police Sgt. Jonathan Kalagher told the station. "They never saw the torso. They saw there was packaging and some type of gel. They immediately notified their supervisor."

The body wasn't damaged in the flop because it was marked "perishable," and was handled properly, the Milford Daily News reported.

The company then made arrangements to have the box shipped to the rightful lab.

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