Woman’s Viral Snapchat Story Proves You Don’t Need A Bae To Have A Perfect Date

The perfect response to being stood up.
Boy, bye. 
Boy, bye. 

What do you do when you get stood up? You could curl up on the couch with a pint of ice cream, berate your date for being so rude or do what Mimi Black did and treat yourself. 

On July 15, the 21-year-old from Scotland tweeted screenshots from her Snapchat story detailing what she did after a date flaked. Instead of calling it quits and heading home from the bar where they’d planned to meet, Black took herself on a date. 

“A boy stood me up so I decided to have the best date with myself, and it was great,” Black wrote in her tweet. 

According to her Snapchat screenshots, Black went out for a drink, went lingerie shopping and (best of all) ate some McDonald’s. #DateGoals achieved, no bae required. 

As of Tuesday afternoon, Black’s post received over 5,500 retweets and 15,000 likes. 

Scroll through Black’s images below, and it’s not hard to see why.  

On her blog, 100 Days Of Mimi, Black explained why she decided to document her solo date after being stood up.

“I joked that I was taking myself on a date as I sent photos of my shopping and activities, and as nervous as I felt sitting in a strange bar in Glasgow on my own, it felt oddly empowering,” she wrote. “...I’d think about all the reasons this guy could have, and why he didn’t respond to me after he seemed so keen, but I felt ― what has happened has happened, and only I could decide how to react.”

For Black, sharing an afternoon flying solo meant more than just a fun Snapchat story. On her blog, she wrote that it was especially hard to muster up the courage to meet the young man because of her experience with bipolar disorder: 

When you have a mind where you overthink every little thing and anxiety twists and strangles your every single thought process, it’s difficult doing normal things like going on dates. Even as a young woman, it’s difficult to allow myself to trust someone and just feel okay when I feel a bit crushed by it. What part of the conversation at dinner do I talk about my Bipolar Disorder? How do I mention I’ve just got over a serious episode in my illness? Do I mention anything? I was almost relieved these conversations didn’t have to take place, safe in the security of the company of myself. Doing things alone, like I’ve wanted to do for months. 

As Black wrote in her last Snapchat screenshot: “People will f**k you over. It’s up to you what you do about it.”

Way to do you, Mimi.

Head over to Black’s blog 100 Days Of Mimi to read more.



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