These Wombat-Rescuing Fishermen Are Our New Heroes

We're sure the wombat appreciates them, too.

This is the cutest catch-and-release we’ve ever seen.

Bob Wilton and Craig Wilson were fishing on a lake in Central Tasmania Friday night when they spotted a big, brown, furry creature in the water.

"As we were moving I noticed what looked like a platypus from a distance in the lake,” Wilton told the Australian Broadcasting Company.

But the creature was no platypus.

As the two men got closer, they realized the animal was a wombat, around 250 yards from shore and “pretty well-distressed,” Wilton said.

Though wombats do have the ability to swim, the fishermen said this one was struggling so far out in the choppy water.

"If we weren't there in the lake he would have drowned for sure, the way the wind was blowing, he would not have been able to make it back to shore," Wilson told The Advocate.

The two heroes lowered a net and plucked the marsupial from the water, letting him walk around on the boat. Once they got back to shore they released him and he “went on his merry way and strolled back into the bush.”

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