This Kid Is Way More Stylish Than We Will Ever Be (PHOTOS)

Wombfire (noun, hashtag) 1. a child so amazingly cute that they figuratively set your womb ablaze. 2. when your reproductive system (i.e. womb) tingles with maternal excitement, potentially breaks out into Beyoncé choreography and/or prompts spontaneous family planning (i.e. running home to make a baby). 3. hashtag used to illustrate flurry of emotion described above (i.e. "This baby is giving me major #wombfire" or "#Wombfire alert!")

Wombfire Of The Week: Chase Stratford
Age: 4-years-old
Mom: Nyvette Bramwell (Global Financial Services at Bloomberg L.P)
Dad: James Stratford (Contract Manager at Cornerstone Programs)
Hometown: New York City
What would be a perfect family day? A trip to The Children's Museum of Manhattan, lunch in the city, followed by ice cream and kisses for everyone!


Fill-in-the-blank with Chase.....

1. I'd have to say my cutest moment is when I turn into "Pirate Chase!" Arghhh!

2. My favorite book is Power Rangers Samurai. I'm the Red Ranger!

3. If I had to describe my style it would be: Cultured. At 4-years-old I've mastered it all!

4. When I grow up I want to be both a construction work and a chef. I have my own set of tools to help my Dad build and I LOVE helping my mom make dessert. Yummy!

5. My first word was "Da Da!"

6. If I could eat a banana everyday, I would be the happiest boy in the world.

7. My favorite song to dance to is anything by The Fresh Beat Band.

Chase Stratford

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