Women and 'Desire Hunger'

Women oppress our desires with stuff. When we fill ourselves compulsively with food, or shopping or exercise, or drama, it's basically hitting the stop button on being fully alive and fully ourselves. We allow ourselves to starve our souls until we can't take it anymore. We are frightened of our own life force energy.

A woman who denies her own desire, close their hearts and bodies to taking in what sustains us. We live a constant mantra of "That should be enough." We allow ourselves to be shamed for wanting or needing more. And then we can start to resent what other women have in their lives.

But what if it's really not enough?

Somehow we believe that living a life of less, or deprivation will bring us what we need. We don't want to rock the boat. We try to make do with less. And then we let loose. We explode. And not always at the best time. We binge. We make a mess. We leave ourselves. What if instead we welcomed self-love and our hunger.

Plainly speaking; What if we showed up for our own hunger?

No more anorexia of our own hearts.

It comes down to this? How can you convince yourself of your own self worth?

When you do, your love for your own life and your body will be unqualified. And this is how woman can be change agents in the world. By claiming and owning our desires -- and allowing them to be nourished. When we are not famished in our own lives, we can become a path for other women loving supporting themselves.

What if women are taught that their appetites do not need to be controlled?

What is wrong about being hungry for more love, for more sex, for better lives for our children and families, for financial stability, for space to play? What is wrong with wanting to honor ourselves and feel honored by those around us?

Can you embrace your own desire?

Female desire is creation energy. It's time to feed it.