Women and Self-Defense


How many of you ladies would like to know a couple of self-defense "ninja moves" to be used "just in case" you are being attacked? How many of you would like to feel confident enough to know that if you ever find yourself in a situation such as physical harassment, assault or attempted rape, you will be able to defend yourself and stay safe?

A few weeks ago I started taking self-defense classes with my friend, Karl Romain, a world Champion Kung Fu master, who has been utilizing martial arts to teach life skills to promote a better quality of life. While training, I realized how important it is for women to know and practice self-defense skills; not only that it could become very useful and even save your life, it can also improve your self-esteem and make you feel calm and confident. Have you ever wondered why all martial art masters seem so relaxed, serene and confident?

The latest statistics of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) states that every day an average of 93 women are reported as having been raped in India, this unacceptable number is impacting and influencing women all over the world. Until justice is served and this brutal act disappears from our precious world, there is self-defense; although my many years of violin practice have taught me that "music is the weapon", I would like to encourage all of you ladies to pick up some self-defense techniques in addition to musical instruments, we don't live in a "perfect world" after all!

As International Women's day approaches, here is my conversation with Karl Romain on this subject with some insights for the ladies out there that would like to be able to defend themselves:

MBA (Miri Ben-Ari): Why self-defense?

KR (Karl Romain): Self-defense gives you confidence: the ability to know how to handle your own body in order to defend yourself by using the self-defense techniques. When people feel that they are capable of handling any situation they are confident and calm.

MBA: Can every woman acquire self-defense skills?

KR: Yes! Self-defense is a combination of mental and physical skills: you need to train your brain how to think in order to respond. A women that knows self-defense will be able to surprise in case of an attack, the element of the surprise could become very useful-like a secret weapon

MBA: So what should a woman do if she finds herself being attacked?

KR: Be aware of what's going on, look for an exit, breathe, stay calm and think your way out of the situation

MBA: Can women prevent a potential rape by using self-defense?

KR: Yes, no one can promise and guarantee a 100 percent, but knowing and doing something is always better!

MBA: Give us some useful tips?

KR: If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, always look for the items you can grab and potentially be used as self-defense weapons; a chair, a bottle, something you are carrying like your keys or even wearing: your high heels, those could become extremely useful for self-defense.