Women And Work: The Office Items That Stand The Test Of Time

Essential Now, Vintage Tomorrow: Three Work Items Women Will Be Calling 'Vintage' In 50 Years

“Mad Men” is returning to AMC on March 25, and with it, our favorite women of a certain era in office culture. While times have changed for women at work -- luckily, most of us don’t have to cover up our bosses’ affairs or serve whiskey to their guests -- Sterling Cooper has certainly awakened a nostalgia at least for the aesthetics of the 60s workplace. You see it not just in the pencil skirts, horn-rim glasses and Joan Halloway-esque shifts in store windows today, but also occasionally on coworkers' desks. This week Savvy Sugar rounded up some of the retro working girl accoutrements that may have a place in contemporary offices -- or home offices, at least. While that amazing pink typewriter has probably seen its day, it's not impossible to imagine a craftier coworker bringing back the rubber stamp or a less messy, less pricey version of the fountain pen. And really, gorgeous stationery is never obsolete.

Which office essentials of today will stand the test of time? Which do you think will become as obsolete as a typewriter ribbon? Tweet @HuffPostWomen with the three office supplies you use today that you think women will still use in fifty years with hasthag #RetroDesk.

SLIDESHOW: Essential Today, Retro Tomorrow?

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