This Supercut Of Women Apologizing Makes Us Never Want To Say 'Sorry' Again

Sorry (not sorry) -- quick question: "Why are women always apologizing?"

One study attributes women's disproportionate sorry-habit to "a higher threshold for what they think warrants reparation" than men. Other theories suggest women may be more likely to use apologies as a crutch, a filler, or simply to convey politeness.

To highlight just how often -- and for what -- women tend apologize, Women In The World created a supercut of women saying sorry in some of our favorite movies and TV shows -- often when they don't actually have anything to apologize for.

From "The Little Mermaid's" Ariel saying sorry to Scuttle the seagull because homegirl just has other things to go do, to Gracie Hart in "Miss Congeniality" apologizing for eating a bite of a bagel to some of our favorite leading ladies apologizing for simply taking up space in the world, it seems far to many women -- both on the big screen and IRL -- have caught the sorry epidemic.

 Luckily, there is a cure. 




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