Women Are Necessary...

Women are necessary.

The end. Right?

The fact that we have International Women’s Day says that it is not the end. It says that there is more to discuss. There is more that needs light shed on it.

So how do we do that? Today, the cause says that women should boycott, stress our purchasing power, and wear red. We can most certainly do all of that. A woman in red is powerful, alluring, and strong.

But somewhere along the lines, we have to believe about ourselves what we want the men, and the world to believe. So many of us have trouble being physically beautiful in conjunction with being intelligent. Why is it that we feel that we cannot do both at once? We are constantly faced with being made to feel like we can either have a home life ― complete with the husband and the kids, and the white picket fence, or we can have a dynamic career. Why can’t I have both?

Because somewhere along the lines, women let someone tell us that we can’t have it all. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Really? Well then what is the point of serving me the cake if I can’t eat it as well?

Women are necessary.

And when we understand that as a whole, then we won’t be faced with challenges in our healthcare where men are approved coverage for Viagra, but states have the right to deny women coverage for birth control, and in tandem, abortion rights are being disputed.

Women are necessary.

When we understand that, we can stop having the conversations about how women, educated and experienced women have to struggle and fight to get equal pay in the workplace. Even when her male counterpart is much less qualified.

Women are necessary.

When we understand that, women won’t be made to feel ashamed for their sexuality. They will be able to openly love sex as much as men and men will stop making it seem like a woman’s amount of sexual partners is a reflection of who she is, all because he wants to marry an experienced virgin.

Women are necessary.

The most important thing in knowing that women are necessary is knowing that men are necessary too. It’s the way the world operates. Balance. Yin and Yang. Masculine and feminine. We need one another. And just because I champion for women’s rights and consider myself a Womanist, doesn’t mean that I don’t like to cozy up to a big, strong, man at night.

Women are necessary. There. I’ve said it several times. The way that we learn things is through repetition. We obviously need to repeat this over and over again, until it settles into our souls and feels right.


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