Women Are The Gatekeepers Of Time.


As with women, the existence of the elephant has been purposed to record the events of humanity throughout the span of time. Just as the elephant does not forget, nor do we women forget. We have been given the duty to recall the events that have occurred throughout time, reminding humanity of its obligation to cultivate the world in a state of peace and contentment.

We have somehow forgotten this obligation, and therefore relinquished our power, removing the state of peace that should be known to all of humanity. Consequently, we unknowingly invited chaos and discord as an existence among even the most peaceful people.

The time is now for us women to take the lead, showing the world that we can teach love, peace, joy and responsibility, without the presence of belittlement or diminution. Now is the time for us women to live by example for our daughters and our sons to witness our conjoined higher calling. We must ensure that the world not be destroyed by the seeds of hate, greed, jealousy, envy and ambition for self-interest.

YES, we women are the elephants. The gatekeepers of time reminding humanity to continue living and thriving in a humane state. Never allowing forgetfulness to take hold of our being, and destroying our life's purpose. Forcing humanity to relive the mistakes of the past, which did not work, cursing a future generation of boys and girls who became men and women with little insight, and or desire to live a more fulfilled life.

YES, we women are the elephants. We are the keepers of time. What will you bring to the recollection of the world, so that humanity's next generations not be lost?