Women On Twitter Are Sharing What Happens When They Ask Crushes Out On A Date

Get it, ladies.

Modern dating is nothing like it used to be, but there’s one tradition we can’t seem to shake: the expectation that men should be the ones to ask women out.

It’s not like men don’t want women to take the initiative: A 2017 Match.com survey of 5,509 single men and women showed that 95 percent of men were in favor of a woman asking for their number ― but only 13 percent of women were game to do it.

Those numbers are kind of depressing, and exactly why we love a social experiment that’s currently trending on Twitter.

On Thursday, London-based sex and relationship blogger Oloni asked her followers to be bold and ask their crushes out on a date, then screenshot the response.

The not-so-surprising result of the dating challenge? Most of the women’s crushes were totally down to go on a date:

Easy peasy, right? Same with this ask:

Some women were a little less direct but still got the “yes” they were hoping for in the end:

This one may be our fave, though, just because the guy’s response is downright adorable:

Of course, not every date proposal went as planned. This woman texted a crush and found out the dude was getting married. Awkward.

And then there was this exchange:

Hey, props to her for handling the aftermath so well.

In an interview with HuffPost, the 27-year-old creator of the challenge said she hopes the conversations inspire women to make the first move more often.

“It’s 2017! We can ask and find out if there’s a potential interest rather than waiting around,” Oloni said. “I know women often worry it could come off as desperate, but there’s nothing desperate about asking a guy out for a drink.”

If anything, she noted, the opposite is true. As the majority of the screenshots show, guys clearly love a bold, confident woman who knows what she wants.

“I hope this social experiment reminds women to be more vocal about their wants when it comes to dating,” she added. “Waiting around never got anyone anywhere.”

Truth. Now go forth and send that text, ladies.

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