Women Attacking Women

Wow! I am writing this as I lie bruised and beaten by another woman in a radio interview show.
This goes under the heading "no good deed goes unpunished."

A friend and journalist who had written about me in a fabulous book about the women writers of
"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and how we paved the way for others and created a believable and
iconic TV figure, and who is a self-proclaimed feminist, suggested me as a guest on a radio show. The topic was "women lying about their age."

I don't lie, I just choose to say "I'm between 50 and death" and it always gets a laugh, which is my intent and makes the point that I am of a certain age, but no need to pinpoint it. When I tried to discuss the topic, the "host" -- god forbid I call her "hostess" -- attacked the living
daylights out of me. I seem to be letting her and all young women down.

Well, maybe, but I do believe that one of the points of feminism was that we each be allowed to be who we are and do what we want. Though she disputed this in a follow-up email to me when I "suggested that."

And I do feel I paid my dues to the cause by fighting my way up the TV success food chain, all the while helping other women writers and making it a cause that parts be cast without gender... i.e., a judge would always be a man, but I'd write in the directions "female" and found that casting people would then realize it could be a good way to increase women's roles.

However all this aside, I now have to fight for younger women who want to tell the truth about their age on dating sites, too? Sorry, I'm too tired. And I'm between 50 and death, remember?
And as for work, there is AGEISM in show biz and the Writer's Guild won us a hefty settlement and I was one of the plaintiffs who had proof. But does that mean I have to wear a sign with a number at all times from now on?

Hey, as long as there is plastic surgery and Pilates, i will get away with looking good, not
freakish... I promise, and as for dating, I am not sure I want to date anyone my age, either.

So sue me.

Lighten up, folks... will ya? And oh yeah, one of the worst things about the early days of women working was that women were often the worst employers and i survived one of them, too.

Live and let live, I say, but I'm still between 50 and death.