It's Official: Women Are Way Worse At Packing

It's Official: Women Are Way Worse At Packing

We all know the rules of suitcase packing, but who follows them more closely: guys or girls?

Women might not be so happy with the answer.

For the typical weeklong trip, they lug along an average 36 items of clothing and between six and eight pairs of shoes. They end up wearing less than half of everything they bring, while most guys claim to wear at least 90 percent of the items in their luggage.

The survey, conducted by British travel website Holiday Hypermarket, quizzed over 2,000 British travelers to learn about their packing habits. Spokesperson Kay Dixon said the most interesting find was that men, despite being more "efficient" packers, tend to pawn their packing duties onto women.

"The most surprising result from the survey is how many women tend to pack their fella’s bags," she told the Daily Mail.

Forty-two percent of the survey's male respondents said they let their female partner pack for them. More than two thirds of couples said they fight while packing for a trip, usually about unnecessary items taking up space.

Indeed, this survey focused solely on British travelers -- we can only hope these statistics don't apply quite as strongly to Americans. Though something tells us packing habits are universal... and in that case, we're out of luck.

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