10 Female-Friendly Car Features Women Would Actually Use

From cleaning supplies to ergonomic walking shoes, we've seen plenty of advertisers employ gender stereotypes to pander to consumers. Cars appear to be the next frontier, as an article from The Globe And Mail demonstrates. The article, "10 female-friendly car features," offers a host of gender-essentialist auto options, from “bold colors” to a "built-in vacuum," purse holder and a “parking aid” that presumes all women are terrible drivers.

The most dynamic recommendation seems to be an eco-friendly SUV, which serves the twin purposes of making women feel civically-minded (in our maternal nature, no doubt) and larger -- because “what woman doesn’t love a commanding view of the road ahead?” We're hoping that's a weak metaphor for career mobility and not a legitimate selling point.

While these are pretty hapless attempts, we recognize the value in equipping automobiles with features consumers will appreciate. Given that 80 percent of car-buying decisions are influenced by women, we’ve decided to do some pro bono consulting for the automotive industry and recommend 10 alternative female-friendly car features they should consider. We’re happy to test them out in the beta stages.

1. A 23 percent price reduction to compensate for the wage gap.

2. More damn cup holders. It takes a lot of portable coffee to lean in properly.
cup holder

3. "Cruise" control. As in a device that maintains speed and averts lewd attempts at seduction from all angles.

4. Seat belts that don't make our boobs look like slightly smushed twin mountain peaks.

5. Built-in audio technology that reads our OKCupid messages aloud in various accents.

6. A birth control dispenser, activated by an alarm signaled by sounds of a crying baby.
crying baby

7. An audio system pre-furnished with Joni Mitchell, Beyonce and all of Chelsea Handler's books on tape. This should be obvious.

8. Male gaze detector. So at least we're notified when we're being objectified.

9. Brake and accelerator pedals we can adjust for heel height.
high heels

10. Room for activities.

[h/t The Cut]



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